Harry Montoya For Congress

Christian. Conservative. Counselor.


Meet Harry

Bold Leadership: Christian. Conservative. Counselor.



Harry is sustained by his faith. He was born and raised in northern New Mexico. As one of five siblings, Harry learned the value of teamwork from a young age. He is proud of his Christian faith and it has always guided him in his personal and professional life, on every single issue. Harry is an active volunteer with the Knights of Columbus, Sociedad del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus, Los Matachines de El Rancho and at his church as a Lector and Acolyte.



Harry has been pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and pro-religious freedom (The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights forbids Congress from enacting a law that establishes religion, and also protects the free exercise of religion) his entire life. He has not wavered on these issues. But the Democratic Party has radically changed, and that’s why Harry is now a proud Republican. Harry and his wife of 39 years, Doris, are dedicated to preserving these fundamental rights for the next generation.


Harry has dedicated his entire life to helping those who suffer from substance abuse. He founded Hands Across Cultures with a mission to educate our youth on substance abuse prevention. He is an internationally recognized expert on helping those who are gripped by addiction.

A note from Harry


I'm running for Congress because I believe we need a conservative champion fighting for our future generations.

I grew up here, I was educated here, and I became a counselor here to help New Mexicans suffering from addiction.

Our state is primed with so much talent and opportunity. From our natural resources, to our incredible ranchers, from tourism, to our diverse economy -- New Mexico has so much going for it.

I'm concerned about our future, concerned about the new Democratic Party that seems intent on pushing late term abortion, gun confiscation, and bankrupting our religious institutions, this new liberal agenda cannot stand.

Our state is truly at a crossroads -- do we let national Democrats push a radical agenda, or do we fight for a principled future for our state?

New Mexico can have a bright future, but we must all fight together for our traditional community values. We must keep New Mexico a state that "grows as it goes". Will you join us in this fight?